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I, Dmitry Yakushin, am the head of the architectural studio "Yut Doma". Since 2006, we create projects cozy private houses from scratch, with the Customer's ideas. And if the idea has not yet been born, then help her to incarnate.

Today, January 22, 2016 we have 347 individual projects of buildings was created. Dwelling houses, bath houses, gazebos, garages and offices.

I am sure - we will find a solution for you!

Team Workshop "Comfort House" has experience creating homes of modern materials available in the market such as wood, brick or concrete.

Современная детская на мансарде
Why "Yut Doma"? - you ask. And because we are professionals and are ready to realize your dream, even if you do not know what she looks like. Comfort is guaranteed! And the cost of our services is lower than the competition at a high level of quality.
Спальная в зеленых тонах

With the "Yut Doma" you design a house, bath, garden furniture, landscape and decide to settle with interior solutions of any complexity.

We set ourselves the task to provide you with comfort in a warm and cozy new favorite dream house.

And do not be afraid to build in a new way!

Our team
We have managers and agents. I offer you the best price, and you get a high quality of services without unnecessary organizational costs. We negotiate directly and to achieve results in the short term.